How to increase your focus in study.

The most common problem in student life is having poor concentration. We start a work and after sometime we realize that our mind start thinking of something else. We leave our study and comeback to our study after sometime. The task which would take 15 minute to complete. That task took 1-2 hour for finish. If these are the problems that you face whenever you sit for study. So here is the 3 things you must do get sharp focus.

1)   Understand the mind behavior.

Now the first thing that we need to understand is that how our mind works .our mind behave in a very different manner .whenever we find ourselves in a situation where. We are not able to focus.

What Most of us do we try to suppress our thoughts and try to divert it. but still we do not able to do that. Because our mind work in a very different manner suppressing the thoughts is not the solution instead of suppressing the thoughts if we try to ease with them and we don’t focus on our thoughts we can get better result .we just need to let the thoughts come and go then our task become easier.

2)    Ways to improve your focus.

Try to study in short span. it means keep a timer or alarm with you. and study for 10 minute.and after 10 min do meditation for 5 minute .and again study for 10 minute repeat this process for half an hour .meditation is not the regular type in this meditation you need to sit and first see your breath and then try to take breath as slowly as possible. Do this process for half an hour daily  and you will find a greater increment in your concentration power.

increase your concentration power.

3.)Things you must do to focus easily.

Eat healthy and exercise and try to avoid or keep your cell phone away from you. So that’s all about increasing your focus .Try these things and if you still face any kind of problem then do comment. and we will  definitely give you a solution of your problem.

Thank you so much for reading and keep looking toward your dream and never give up.

Thank you so much for reading and keep looking toward your dream and never give up.